omibunny (omibunny) wrote in beginner_crafts,

For a good cause

I know everyone usually likes to do a couple of good deeds around this time of the year, and since this is an arts and crafts community, ya'll might appreciate this.

This year i am participating in "Warm Up America". Basiscally, take your remnant yarn and make 7" x 9" squares that will be crocheted or knitted into an afghan. The afghan will be donated to a local charity.

If you are interested, go here:

They even have directions for starting to crochet and free patterns. I'm trying to get my friends involved so that we can all donate enough for one blanket.

Anyways, its a good idea to pass around and get people interested. Starting now, alot of us think about how fortunate we are, and to me, that means helping others out too.
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